The Global Goals landing page
Heuristic Evaluation

I conducted heuristic evaluation for websites The Global Goals and The World Bank to understand the current UX issues for websites about the topic.

Usability Testing Google form
Usability Testing

I conducted a pilot usability test on the Global Goals website and asked a participant to complete tasks in order to evaluate its usability.

User research interview insights
User Research

I asked a participant in my target audience what they would like to see in a website about sustainability and learned some of today's issues for sustainability-minded people.


Madison's Journey Map
UX Storytelling

I created two user personas and corresponding usage scenarios for different kinds of users who have different needs.

Low-Fidelity Prototype

I created wireframes and wireflows that supported two tasks: 1) reading a news article and sharing it to social media and 2) posting to a community forum.

Graphic design system
Design System

I experimented with different graphic design element variations and developed a graphic design system for the website with both light mode and dark mode.

High-Fidelity Prototype


Impression test screenshot
Impression Test

I asked a participant to look at the website for 5 seconds and state what they remembered. The impression test helped me understand what a user sees at first glance when they open the website.

Cognitive walkthrough screenshot
Cognitive Walkthrough

I conducted a cognitive walkthrough on my high-fidelity prototype and received two responses that helped me make improvements to the website.

Usability testing screenshot
Usability Testing

I asked a participant to complete the two tasks supported by the high-fidelity prototype and learned how a user might interact with the website.

Pitch Video


Throughout this project, I learned just how much effort and thought goes into designing a user interface, from research to design to evaluation and revision. I also learned about important things to keep in mind when designing a user application, such as accessibility. It was very satisfying to go through each step of the design process and create a polished product at the end. If there was something that I would do differently, I think that I would develop a mobile application with a more singular focus rather than a desktop website with two different functions. Overall, I was very satisfied with how this project turned out, and I hope to use the knowledge that I gained from this project in future designs.